Top Load Vs Front Load Washers- Which is the best for your home?

A washer or a washing machine is a very important home appliance because it saves you from the labor-intensive task of hand-washing and allows you to complete other tasks while the machine does the work. However, there are several choices in the market, which means that you need to understand their differences before you decide which one to buy.

Top Load Vs Front Load Washers

The two common types of washers are top load and front load washers. Choosing the best between the two can be very challenging if you do not understand how each one of them works. In this guide, we shall look at how they work to make your work easier when choosing the best.

Front Load Washers

In term of design, these machines are the most stylish and the most advanced. They come with a washing tub which sits horizontally. This means that you are supposed to load your clothes at the front. As compared to the top load machines, these ones are more expensive since they provide the best cleaning performance. Despite their wonderful performance, they are highly energy efficient which means that you don’t need to worry about high electricity bills.

They also have unique features such as a timer which starts and stops the machine automatically. After you have put your clothes in the machine, it is able to sense the weight and add the required amount of water that suits the amount of clothes.

They are also able to clean your clothes, rinse, and then dry in the same tub. In case you are searching for a machine that can handle large loads of clothes, front load machines will be the best.

Advantages of Front Load Washers

Front Load Washer

  • Performance – The major reason why most people opt for these machines despite their high cost is because they provide the best cleaning performance.
  • Quiet – As compared to the top load models, these ones are quieter since they do not have agitators.
  • Advanced features – If you are searching for a washing machine with advanced features, a front load washer will be the most suitable. It comes with advanced features such as a self-cleaning cycle and a steam setting which you cannot find in the top load models.
  • Water efficient – Another benefit of front load machines is that they consume 40% less water as compared to the top load models.
  • Durable – Unlike the top load washers, these machines do not have a central agitator and instead, they clean your clothes in up and down movements just like when you are cleaning using your hands. This minimizes chances of wear and tear.
  • Saves detergent – Due to the fact that these machines do not require a lot of water, it means that you don’t need to add a lot of detergent. You may only need to add one or two tablespoons of detergent depending on the load.

Drawbacks of Front-Load Washers

  • The major disadvantage of these machines is that they can easily develop musty smell if you don’t take good care of them.
  • They also take more time to wash your clothes as compared to the top load models.
  • You will also find that most of them come with a large exterior which means that they require a lot of space.

Who should buy a front load washing machine?

In case you are searching for a machine that can handle bulk clothes, a front-load machine will be the most suitable. Front-load machines are also suitable for those searching for an advanced machine irrespective of price. They also provide the best cleaning performance.

Top Load washers

Top Load Washer

The most outstanding thing about these machines is that they are fully automatic. You only need to load your laundry from the top of the machine and then leave the machine to do the work.  Another thing you should note about them is that they only come with one tub for washing and drying the clothes.

When you want to use it to wash clothes, you only need to connect the machine with water inlet tap and then put the clothes. After this, the machine is able to control the amount of water required for cleaning. It also rinses and dries the clothes automatically without human input. This means that top load machines are very easy to use.

The advanced top load washers features and very large tub which can accommodate more clothes. The good thing about them is that they do not consume a lot of power.

Advantages of Top Load Washers

  • Affordable price – One of the major benefits of these washers is that they are very cheap as compared to the front load machines.
  • Design – They also have a nice design which allows you to load your clothes without bending. Due to this, they are easy to use for everyone including the elderly.
  • They do not smell – One of the major challenges of front load machines is that they encourage buildup of mold which is not possible when using top load machines. This is because the top load machined usually relies on gravity to pull the water down. As a result, they do not trap moisture or bad smells.
  • Allows you to add laundry – The other major benefit of using these washers is that you can add more clothes even after the cleaning cycle has already started. This is not possible when using front load washers because all the water will move out when you open the door when the cleaning process has started.
  • Easy to maintain – In terms of maintenance, top load washers are very easy to maintain. They are also cheaper to repair as compared to the front load machines.

Disadvantages of Top Load Washers?

  • In terms of performance, their quality of cleaning is not the best as compared to the front load cleaners.
  • They consume more electricity than the front load washers
  • You are likely to experience challenges when cleaning long clothes or large bed sheets.

Who should buy a top load washing machine?

  • In case you need a budget friendly washing machine, top load models will be the most suitable option.
  • These machines are also the best for first time users because they are very easy to use.
  • If you have a limited space in your house, you should consider a top load machine.
  • They are also suitable for college students who need a simple washing machine.

Top load washers can either be fully automatic or semi automatic. Below are some of their differences.

Fully Automatic washers

Fully automatic washers are very easy to use since they can work with minimum human intervention. This means that you can sit back and wait for the machine do complete the cleaning process. When using these machines, you don’t need to add water manually or switch the compartment for drying. They also use advanced technology which means that they are highly effective. Besides that, these machines are very heavy and expensive. However, they provide the best performance.

Semi-Automatic washers

These machines comes with two drums one for drying and the other one for washing. As compared to other washers on the market, semi-automatic washers are the cheapest. The only problem with these machines is that you are supposed to perform most of the tasks manually. This means that you will need to;

  • Fill the tub with water
  • Empty the tub
  • Remove clothes from the tub
  • Put the clothes in the drying tub

Which One is More Popular

Top load washers have traditionally been more popular due to their familiarity and affordability. However, the things are changing now. The popularity of front load washers has been growing not just in the US, but also Europe and Asia in recent years.

Wrapping Up

Ultimately, the choice between a front load and top load washer depends on your specific needs, preferences, and constraints. Consider factors such as budget, laundry volume, space availability, energy efficiency, and ease of use when deciding which type of washer is best suited for you.

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