What is the Ideal Thickness for a Mattress? – 4 Vs 5 Vs 6 inch Vs 8 inch

When buying a mattress, one of the most important factors you should consider is the thickness. The thickness of a mattress is one of the factors that determines how comfortable the mattress will be. This means that you need to be very careful when buying.

Since mattresses are available in different thicknesses, choosing the correct thickness might be a challenge to many. In this article, we shall take you through important details that will help you to choose the correct thickness. Ideal Thickness for a Mattress

How to Choose a Mattress with the Best Thickness

  1. Your Body weight – When determining how thick your mattress should be, the first thing you should think of is your body weight. If you are heavyweight, you will definitely need a thick mattress that can support your body weight. The best mattress for heavy people should be at least 12 inches thick. It should also be firm enough to support your weight. If you are not sure which mattress suits your body weight, you should consider the following:
  • 150 Kg (330 pounds) and above – 12 inches + Mattress
  • 150 Kg (330 pounds) and below –  10 to 12 inches Mattress
  • 120 Kg (265 pounds) and below –  8 to 10 inches Mattress
  • 100 Kg (220 pounds) and below – 6 to 8 inches Mattress
  •  80 Kg (176 pounds) and below –  4 to 6 inches Mattress

Most of the people weight less than 220 pounds or 100 Kg and therefore, 6 to 8 inch mattresses are very popular. If you are looking for more bounce and comfort, then go for an 8 inch + mattress. Otherwise, a 6 inch mattress does its job pretty well.

  1. Bed Height: Bed height refers to the vertical distance from the floor to the top of the mattress on a bed. It typically ranges between 18 to 25 inches from the floor. Taller individuals may find a higher bed more suitable, while shorter individuals are likely to prefer a lower bed that’s closer to the ground. To ensure comfort and ease of use, it is important to that the total bed height remains such that when you sit on the edge of the bed, your feet can comfortably reach the floor, making it convenient to get in and out of bed. If you wish to retain your existing bed, it’s important to note that the design of your bed dictates the allowable thickness of the mattress you can use. For example, if your bed was originally designed for a 6-inch mattress, using a 12-inch mattress in it will likely result in a mismatch in dimensions. The headboard may become too short and the bed height may become too high.
  2. Couples – In case you share the bed with your partner, you need to ensure that the mattress can support your weight. If the mattress is very thin, a crater may form at the center after using it for a short time. The best mattress for young couples should have a thickness of between 6 to 10 inches. These mattresses might be a bit expensive but they are worth the price because they are very comfortable. Memory foam mattress can be a great option for couples because of how well it isolates motion.
  3. Mobility – People with limited mobility should consider a thin, 4 inch mattress. Since these mattresses have a low profile, they allow people with limited mobility especially those with injuries to get in and out of the bed easily. They are also the best for petite people and kids.
  4. Medical Conditions – Your health condition will also determine the best thickness you should consider when buying a mattress. For example, if you suffer from back pain problems, you will need a firm mattress. In case you suffer from arthritis, hip or shoulder pain, you need a mattress with several comfort layers that can relive pressure from different parts of your body.
  5. Temperature Control – Thick mattresses are the best in terms of comfort. However, they are likely to trap more heat which may cause discomfort at night in summers. When buying thick mattress, ensure that it is made of breathable materials like natural latex foam.
  6. Placing the mattress on your floor – Some people, may prefer to place the mattress on the floor instead of placing it on the bed. If this is what you prefer, you should look for a thick mattress. The floor is full of harmful impurities and using a thin mattress will be very dangerous for your health. Again, a thin mattress will cause a lot of discomfort and may also lead to back pains. Placing the mattress on the floor may also affect the durability which means that you need to ensure that the base is clean, sturdy enough, and durable. The best mattress should have at least 12 inches if you are planning to use it on the floor.
  7. Sleeping style – This is another important feature you should not ignore. If you are not sure about the best thickness that suits your sleeping style, you should consider the following.
    • Back sleepers – If you are a back sleeper, you should consider a mattress with a medium level firmness. This means that you should consider a mattress made of latex foam or memory foam with about 6 inch thickness and firmness of 4 to 6 scale (out of 10 which is the hardest). Such a mattress will give you the best support.
    • Stomach sleepers– Sleeping on your stomach may put extra pressure on your lower back. In order to prevent discomforts, you should consider a mattress with about 6 inch thickness and firmness of 5 to 7 scale (out of 10 which is the hardest).
    • Side sleepers – This position may put pressure on your hips and shoulders. The best mattress for side sleepers should be soft with medium firmness and should relive pressure on key parts of your body. It should have a thickness of 6 to 8 inches and and firmness of 3 to 6 scale (out of 10 which is the hardest).
    • Combination sleepers– People who can sleep on any side are known as combination sleepers. In case you are one of them, you should look for a mattress which is at least 8 inches thick with firmness of 5 to 6 scale. This will be very comfortable when you are sleeping either on your back, stomach or side. The mattress should also provide a great balance of softness and firmness. Avoid mattresses that are too soft and bouncy.

Thickness Levels of a Mattress

Extra Thick—Most Luxurious

These mattresses are more than 10 inches thick. These ones are the most stylish and the most comfortable as compared to others. They are very luxurious and they will give you the best sleeping experience.  Even if these mattresses might be the most comfortable, they may not be the best for the elderly. Another disadvantage of using a very thick mattress is that it is not easy to find bed sheets that can cover the entire mattress. In terms of price, they are the most expensive and would need special beds that are designed for thick mattresses.


  • They are very stylish
  • The best in terms of comfort
  • Suitable for big rooms


  • Expensive

Medium Thick

Most of these mattresses have a thickness of between 8-10 inches. They are made of different materials and are the best for people with weight exceeding 100 kg.


  • Highly durable
  • Ideal for people with different health condition
  • Very comfortable


  • Can not be used with ordinary beds due to their height/thickness.

Standard Mattresses

Standard mattresses are the most common and they have a thickness of 6 to 8 inches. They are made of different materials such as memory foam, latex or spring. Due to their versatile design, people with different sleeping styles can use them.


  • Affordable price
  • Long lasting
  • Comfortable
  • Lightweight


  • none

Thin Mattresses

Thin mattresses are mostly made of foam or coir. Due to their lightweight design, they are the best for rooms with a limited space. They are also suitable for baby cribs or youth beds. In terms of price, they are the most affordable. They have a thickness of between 4-5 inches. If you are on a budget, such mattresses will be the most suitable option.


  • Very cheap
  • Easy to store
  • Portable


  • Not very comfortable
  • They are not durable

Features that may affect the thickness of a mattress

Most mattresses are made of 4 layers which include, comfort layer, support layer, transition layer and base layer. Mattress Layers

  1. Comfort layer– This is the top most layer which gives you a blissful feeling when sleeping on the mattress. Comfort layer may comprise of several layers which provides excellent contouring, comfort, support, motion isolation and temperature regulation. It is the layer that determines the firmness, softness or the overall feeling of the mattress.
  2. Support layer– The support layer is the second layer from the top. Overall, the comfort and support layer should have a thickness of at least 4 inches to provide comfort.
  3. Transition layer – This layer may not be available in some mattresses and those with this layer are thicker than other mattresses. It is located between the base and the other layers. The major benefit of this layer is that it gives you extra support and comfort.
  4. Base layer– This is the bottommost layer and it is also called the foundation layer. It is normally made of a high-density material and contains a set of springs. This layer is very important because it determines the durability and breathability of the mattress. It also determines the overall structure and shape of the mattress.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is better 6-inch or 8 inch mattress?

The choice between a 6-inch and an 8-inch mattress depends on your personal comfort preferences and needs. Generally, an 8-inch mattress will suit young people who prefer a thicker, bouncier, and more cushioned mattress with extra support. A 6-inch mattress will be suitable for someone looking for a firmer and more supportive mattress.

Are 6 inch mattresses comfortable?

A 6-inch mattress can be comfortable for people if they have specific preferences for a firmer feel. It's a good idea to try out mattresses in person to get a better sense of their comfort level before making a purchase.

What are the benefits of 10 to 12 inches thick mattresses?

 If you are searching for the most comfortable mattress, you should consider a mattress that is between 10-12 inches thick. These mattresses are made of quality material consisting of several layers which provides excellent cushioning to your body. However, they are a bit expensive but are worth the price.

What is the average thickness of a mattress?

On average, a good mattress should be between 5 - 8 inches thick. The best ones have a comfort layer that is at least 2 to 3 inches and base layer that is 4-5 inches thick.

Why is mattress firmness important for providing back support?

The importance of mattress firmness for back support is that it helps maintain proper spinal alignment during sleep, which can alleviate or prevent back pain and discomfort.

How often should I replace my mattress?

Replace mattress when you notice severe sagging or indentations in the mattress.

Which type of mattress tends to have the longest lifespan?

A high-quality latex mattress can last up to 15-20 years or even longer with proper care. A memory foam mattress can last up to 8 to 10 years.

How can I extend the lifespan of my mattress?

Rotate your mattress regularly, use a mattress protector, and follow proper cleaning and maintenance practices to increase its lifespan.

Can I use my current bed frame with a new mattress?

Yes, you can use your current bed frame with a new mattress if it is the appropriate size and provides adequate support for the new mattress type.

Wrapping up

When shopping for a  mattress, you should not ignore the thickness. This means that it should be thick enough to support your body weight. It should also help to relive pressure on various parts of your body. In case you are not sure the best thickness you should consider, you should consider all the points we have shared in this article. If you are purchasing online, it is important you go through the customer reviews to determine whether the mattress is indeed worth the money.

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