How to Choose the Right Air Conditioner for Home

How to choose the right air conditioner for home? This is the question that many people ask to inquire about choosing the right air conditioner. In this post, we discuss the important points that one needs to take into consideration while selecting an AC for a room.

Choose According to Room Size & Environment

The first and most important point that plays an important role in the choice of the right AC, is the determination of capacity of air conditioner required to cool your room. More often, people end up buying AC with less capacity and it eventually leads to the failure of AC in cooling the room effectively. With this the goal of beating the outside heat remains unachievable even after the installation of a new AC.

Moreover, the one with more than the required capacity simply puts more pressure on the monthly budget due to high electricity/power bills. Hence, it is of the utmost importance to correctly calculate the capacity of AC required to cool your room.

Calculating the Cooling Capacity of AC

This is measured in terms of BTUs/hr by calculating the area of a room in sq. ft. and then multiplying it with 30 or 40 depending upon number of windows, area of windows, max summer temperature in your city, no of people occupying room, ceiling height, heat emitting appliances in room, insulation quality, and lots of other factors.

If you try to do this manually, chances are that you will make a mistake. So, refer to the website below to find out the power of an air conditioner needed for an apartment room or entire house.

The cooling capacity of AC is measured in different units in different parts of the world.  If air conditioners are not available by BTUs in your country, then you can use the table below for converting it to other units. Read our article How Many BTU in a Ton for more information.

BTU/hr Watts Tonnage
9000 BTU/hr 2637.6 Watts 0.75 Tons
12000 BTU/hr 3500 Watts 1 Ton
18000 BTU/hr 5275 watts 1.5 Ton
24000 BTU/hr 7034 Watts 2 Ton

Type of Air Conditioner

There are several types of air conditioners, each having their own pros & cons. So, choose the one that suits your needs.

Central Air Conditioner: If you have a large home & wish to cool multiple rooms at once then this type of air conditioning is best suited for you. This is the costliest option though.

Ductless Air Conditioner :

Smart AC Heat Pump

If you don’t want to do a lot of ducting, or need only some rooms of your house or apartment cooled, then the Ductless air conditioners are a good option. They are of two types. Wall Mountable Split AC and Ceiling Mountable Cassette Air Conditioner.

Window Air Conditioner: Window are conditioners are great for cooling smaller spaces. They are easy to install, operate, and clean. On the downside, its major drawback is that it is too noisy.

Choose the Right Air Conditioner
LG Window Air Conditioner

Portable Air Conditioner: Portable air conditioners should be considered if its not practical to install a window or split air conditioner.

Keep in Mind Energy Star Ratings

Another thing that matters a lot in picking the right AC for a room is the energy efficiency ratings. Energy efficiency ratings show you the estimated energy consumption of an electrical equipment. So, if you buy an AC with most efficient rating, it will mean a lower electric bill every month, for several years to come.

All air conditioners don’t come with energy efficiency ratings, and you have a choice to buy products without energy efficiency ratings. Sometimes it makes sense to buy them.

Noise Levels

Noise levels of the AC should also be considered, especially if you’re planning to install it in a bedroom. The noise levels of an air conditioner are usually mentioned in its specification details. Prefer air conditioners with noise level under 40 dB for the indoor unit.

For window air conditioners, any model under 50 dB is good.

Inverter AC, or Normal AC- Which one is Better?

In short, go for an Inverter AC. Inverter ACs are more comfortable, quiet,  highly durable, and last longer that the non-inverter air conditioners.

An inverter type air-conditioner operates at variable speed depending upon room temperature. Such air conditioners continue to operate at low speed after achieving desired indoor temperature so that the temperature never goes up or down again.

Whereas in ordinary AC, compressor turns off after achieving desired indoor temperature and turns on again when temperature goes up. This repetitive ON-OFF process creates more noise and consumes more energy.

Other Fancy Features

Depending on personal preference, you may opt for air conditioners offering advanced features like air purification, Wi-Fi enabled smart AC, anti-bacterial filters, and several other features.

Don’t Purchase the Lowest Priced Air Conditioner

Many people go for the lowest priced AC. They compare the main features like capacity of AC, price, looks, energy rating, and conclude why to pay extra money for a branded AC when they can get the same features for less.

But this is not a wise thinking. There is a lot of difference in the quality of parts used. For example, the quality of PCB chip used, quality of compressor, gauge of copper pipe, wiring, fan, etcetera can not be compared so easily. Chances are that the cheaper brands use inferior, spares. The quality of after sales service offered is another big difference.

Clearly such deals are not the best deals to go for. Most of the times, such products cost customers more money in repairs and the time and peace of mind lost is additional pain.

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Air Conditioners cost lots of money. Take your time to choose the AC that is best for your home and your family. Happy researching!

Frequently Asked Questions.

What is Blue Fin / Gold Fin technology?

Its a type of coating that protects condenser from corrosion and helps it last longer. Such coatings can be of several types, like goldfin coating, bluefin coating, Ocean Black coating, and others. However, they are used for only one reason and that is to prevent corrosion.

These coatings have hydrophilic character which enables water droplets to flow off the surface without facing a lot of resistance. Thus, water does not conglomerate in large droplets and disperses easily.

Look for air conditioners with such coatings if you stay near coastal areas.

Is it safe to buy air conditioner online?

Yes, its completely safe to purchase air conditioners online. Not only you save your time when shopping online but you can also take your time selecting the right AC from the right brand. Plus you save the money you would otherwise have to pay to transport AC to your home. Above all, you get better deals online than what you get in the stores.

Can a MCHE condenser AC lasts as long as a copper condenser AC?

When properly protected with a quality hydrophilic coating, a MCHE condenser lasts as long as a copper condenser if not more. Especially if you are not living near coastal areas.

How can I know something is not right with the compressor of my AC?

When the compressor of your AC malfunctions, it reflects in dispersal of hot air from the indoor unit, unusual sound coming from it, reduced air flow, etc

Why water is dripping from the indoor unit of my AC?

When there is clogging in or disconnection of the condensate drain, water drips from the indoor unit instead of being drained outside.

Which refrigerant is better?

R32 is better than R22 and R410A since it brings down operational cost and it is more eco-friendly.

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