How Many ML In a Shot? Find Out Here!

There are two types of people in the world of alcoholics: 1st those who measure alcohol by shots and jiggers and 2nd those who measure alcohol by the level of intoxication they achieve through its consumption. This article is meant for those who intend to take alcohol in shots.

Anyone who takes alcohol, is sure to know what the size of a shot is. Therefore, the question regarding the need for discussing the size of a shot here may arise. Let’s convince you that there, indeed, is the need for imparting info about the size of a shot, because the size of a shot doesn’t remain the same all over world.

Shot Size in American Context

The standard size of a shot of alcohol remains 1.5 oz or 44 ml in America. Where a shot glass is not available, you can measure out a shot by three level tablespoons in a glass. Consuming spirits this way not only helps you get the expected buzz out of it but also keeps you from getting sodden drunk.

Double Shot

There is all the possibility that prolonged use of alcohol renders single shot a bit ineffective. You don’t get the necessary punch out of it. In this case, what you need is a double shot. As the name suggests, double shot is double the quantity that a single shot contains. To be precise, double shot is 3 ounces or 89 ml.

How Many ML In a Shot Glass in Different Countries

How Many ML in a Shot

As we already stated before, the quantity of liqueur that makes a shot varies from country to country. Below is listed how many ml or ounces make a shot in some of the most alcohol consuming countries in the world.

No. Name of the Country Measurement of Shot in Ounce Measurement of Shot in ML
1 The United States 1.5 44
2 Canada 1.5 44
3 Australia 1.02 30
4 Russia 1.70 50
5 The United Kingdom 0.8 25
6 Slovakia 1.36 40 or 50
7 South Africa 0.8 25
8 Poland 1.70 50
9 Germany 0.68 20
10 Bulgaria 3.40 100

It stands to reason that how many ml make a shot in a given country also telltales the level of alcoholism in that country. For instance, Bulgaria in the above given list has a size of shot that is far bigger than others. It means that it consumes more alcohol than others. That explains why 7% of total deaths recorded in Bulgaria are due to alcohol consumption.

Now compare the percentage of alcohol related deaths in Bulgaria with the global count of alcohol related deaths per year. Every year three million people die due to alcohol consumption in the world. It means 5% of total deaths in the world are due to alcohol consumption. This statistic proves the point that is being made here.

Shot Glasses

Generally, the quantity that is served in a shot is delivered in a glass that is called a shot glass. In other words, a shot glass contains 1.5 ounce (44 ml).

This is not to say that shot glasses are designed to specific size and capacity. Rather they draw their name from the purpose they are designed for, which remains to keep oneself within certain limits of consumption. That is the reason why the size of shot glasses remains between 25 mL to 50 mL. They not only vary in size but also in shape and color. Some really look so great they are worth being showcased.

It is said that an ideal shot glass should have the thickness of bottom measuring up to one fourth of its length. But that, certainly, is not a norm. There are glasses that don’t have thick bottoms. The difference that the thick-bottomed glasses introduce is that their size ingeniously belies their capacity, which remains the same.

As for their shape, they may be as simple as small-sized glass. But they may also flaunt premium look that lure the consumers with their fluted or stemmed designs. Commercial establishments like hotels and bars generally use the latter types, giving professional touch to their presentation.

Let alone shot glasses, we also have shot bottles around. However, these certainly don’t sound quite fashionable the way shot glasses do. The point is, they are there. It simply means there are people who have it in bottles.

Shot glasses are generally made from glass but we also have polymer disposable shot glasses for party use. The latter may come with or without lid.

The Best Shot Glasses for Celebrations


The Types of Alcohol Served in a Shot

Ideally, anything that contains 40+ percent of alcohol content is good to be served in shots. The strongest shots could range in 90s. These include,

  1. Vodka: A tasteless and non-aromatic drink that originated in Russia. At its simplest, it is a product of water and ethanol that is derived from things like corns and agricultural residues. There are many different varieties of vodka, using different ways of distillation.
  2. Rum: It is brewed from sugarcane molasses.
  3. Tequila: Constituting one of the most popular choices among fastidious alcoholics, this alcohol is made from fermented sugar that is derived from blue agave plant.
  4. Bourbon: It is made from 50% corn mash along with rye, wheat, malted barley, etc.
  5. Whiskey: Just like Bourbon, it is made by fermentation of grains like corns, barley malt, rye and wheat. It offers awesome variety to choose from.
  6. Gin: One of the many grain alcohols, this one is flavored with juniper berries and aromatic spices like anise and caraway.
  7. Brandy: This spirit is made from fruits such as apples, cherries, pears, grapes, etc. You get to know about what it is made of from its label.
  8. Schnapps: It originated in Germany and is made from fermented fruits. It is flavored with different herbs and spices like cinnamon and peppermint. Generally, the flavors are mixed with a neutral base spirit.
  9. Liqueur: A distilled spirit from a wide variety of fruits and herbs, it is sweetened with sugars and syrups, and flavored with spices like nutmeg, cinnamon, and ingredients like coconut cream, Spanish coffee, soda, etc.
  10. Cordials: These truly impress us with their variety. They are made by combining different kinds of alcohol with ingredients like creams, soda water, black tea, fruit juices, herbs and spices like cinnamon, ginger, etc. You can have it sweet or bitter. These may also be made by redistilling neutral spirits with various kinds of natural ingredients, some of which we have already mentioned.

Please note that this list of spirits is not all-inclusive. These are only some of the spirits that are used in shots. Practically, if you visit bars, you may be surprised by the sheer range of choices that is available to you there.

How to Take a Shot

This aspect has to do with a style and, as we know, style is man. Therefore, you expect a style to vary from person to person. We present you with a style that we would like to see in a barroom.

Step 1 – Be sure about what exactly it is that you want. Determining your choice after looking like an owl at the people around with admiring ignorance, trying to find out what they are draining…uh huh…That’s not the right thing to do.

Step 2 – Stress the right syllable of the drink of your choice that has the clarity of pure alcohol. It is the safest way for a guy to sound confident. Don’t try to do stuff like thumping the bar with unnecessary force while ordering anything or putting down the emptied glass. It will only let the cat out before spectators. Or it may hurt somebody’s ego. Anything that comes naturally is genuine and also acceptable.

Step 3 – Don’t take it with empty stomach. It is advisable you eat something before a drink. It could be anything you like. It need not be a heavy meal.

Step 4 – Choose a right chaser to accompany the shot. You need it immediately after draining the shot and so it should be kept ready beforehand. It would avail you to learn which chaser to use with what. Lemon, salt, beer – these are quite common. But if in doubt, you have an excellent guide in the shape of a bartender to suggest the right chaser to you.

Some people prefer to have chaser both before and after a shot. There is a trick involved in taking it before a shot. It requires you to hold the chaser in your mouth and let it go down the throat along with the shot.

Step 5 – But how you will take a shot? Though it is small, this bit of info is an important one. It requires you to breath in the air, hold it, then apply the edge of the glass to your lip and tilt both your head and the glass together in order for the spirit to have easy passage through your gullet. It is not meant to be tasted. Breath out the air only after shot has reached its destination. And no breathing with nose while the shot is taken. If you breathe with your nose while swallowing the shot, it may choke you.

Step 6 – Repeat this action over again if you aren’t satisfied with just one shot.

Step 7 – No driving in a drunken state. You are not in your right mind to meet the challenges that driving throws up. You need a designated driver to drive you home.

Jigger: An Alternative to Shot

Jigger is a well-known bar tool of steel which has two conjoining cups connected at closed end. Of these two cups, one is called a jigger shot (a bigger one) and another pony shot or pony jigger. One contains 1.5 ounce whereas the other 1 ounce.

Having said that, it must be added that, just like the measurement of single shot, the size of jigger also may vary. Moreover, it is a tool meant for measuring and pouring out spirits in a glass. It is not used for drinking alcohol from. So, it is an alternative to shot glass in the sense that you can measure out single or double shot with it and pour it into a glass of any size.

History of Shots

There are many who have tried to trace the history of shots. They may be right. But the problem with them is that they go about their task dogmatically scientifically. We believe it is something that should be done reasonably. Difference in methodology often results in difference in conclusion. Therefore, we propose that if we look into the history of shots reasonably, it is bound to end up where the philosophy of moderation is initiated in the world of alcoholics. Frankly speaking, we don’t know exactly when this philosophy began to exert its influence here. What we know is that it is objectified in shots, shot glasses and jiggers. These have brought about harmony between reason, spirits and desire. If you abide by the rule of taking shots, certainly you would find yourself in possession of your good sense even after taking them.

Advice to a Novice

If you are new to drinking, better start with cocktails and then move to shots. Find out what is considered classy and what unpretentious. For instance, whiskey, tequila, vodka and wine are considered classy while beer and drinks having added sugar aren’t. Find out for yourself what you like to have most.

It is advisable you measure out your quota of alcohol by shot or jigger judiciously lest you end up consuming a quantity that makes your system revolt against it or get drunk beyond the bounds of decency.

It is true that overuse of alcohol is dangerous to health. If you see anyone whose health does not show any sign of impairment due to prolonged overuse of alcohol, it should not encourage you to follow his suit; because excessive use of alcohol is, indeed, injurious to health. If a hard drinker doesn’t come to any harm, it may be due to his physical constitution. Constitution varies from person to person.

By the way, it would be in place, here, to say a word or two about what is called healthy drinking habit. For women, it should be 1 drink per day and for men, it should be 2 drinks per day.

That brings us to the question, “What is called a drink?” Well, single drink means 350 mL if it is beer, 150 mL if it is wine, and 44 mL if it is pure liqueur. Please note that pregnant women should avoid it altogether. Anything that is above 5 drinks per day will be considered binge drinking. Under any circumstances, it is not recommended.

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In a nutshell, shot is a measurement of how many ml of liqueur it contains. But that doesn’t make it a measuring tool like jigger. It is a size of glass that contains a quantity of alcohol that makes a shot. Therefore, it is called a shot glass. They are there to strike a perfect balance between enjoyment of joy juice and caution its consumption requires. Without the discipline it imposes on drinking, chances are that spirits consume you instead of you consume spirits.

Also, not all spirits are good enough for taking shots. And what is considered to be good for them may not be good for you. Experience, here, is the best guide. You yourself have to find out what you can stomach and what not.

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