How to Decide Between Fan, Ceramic, Radiant or Oil Filled Room Heaters

A room heater is one of the key appliances that will be very beneficial especially during winter or cold days. The work of these units is to heat up your room when the temperatures are low. However, there are different types of room heaters which means that the first step when determining the best room heater for home is knowing how each one of them works.

In this article, we shall show you the differences between a fan, radiant and oil filled heaters to make your work easier when buying. If you have been searching for the best room heater, we hope that you will benefit a lot from this guide.

1. Fan heaters

Fan Room Heater

Fan heaters works by heating up a metal coil which the transfers the heat to the air.   They also come with a fan which helps to circulate hot air within the room.  They work the same as ceramic heaters but they use a metal coil instead of ceramic plates which is the major difference between the two.

As compared to other types of heaters, these ones are the most popular. However, they only cover a limited area which means that they are only suitable for small spaces. These are also known as ceramic heater, convection heater or blower room heaters.


  • They provide quick heating
  • Cool to touch casing
  • Affordable
  • Portable and lightweight design
  • Safe for homes with small kids


  • Noisy
  • Not energy efficient

2. Radiant room heaters

radiant heater vs fan heater

Radiant room heaters or infrared room heaters are the best for those who are on a budget because they are the cheapest. They normally work like the campfire which means that you need to be near the heater to enjoy their warmth. As a result, they are the best for small spaces or individuals.

One of the major benefits of these units is that they provide instant heat since they provide heat directly. They are also energy efficient and silent. Some of them feature wooden cabinets which makes them look like the wooden furniture.

You will also find that most of them are equipped with a ribbon filament or a quartz tube which helps to transfer heat directly to you once you have switched the unit on. Radiant heaters are quiet and don’t affect the humidity levels in the room.

However, you need to be very careful when using these units because they become hot too quickly and may cause accidental burns. They are also not the best for families with young kids or toddlers.


  • Instant heating
  • Automatic temperature control function
  • Compact design
  • Not noisy


  • Dangerous

3. Oil Filled Radiator Heaters

Oil Filled-Room-Heater

Oil filled radiators are one of the best heaters to purchase.  The good thing about them is that they neither burn oxygen nor reduce humidity in the room. They consume less electricity and are super quiet. All these features make oil heaters the safest room heaters among all options.

They feature a series of joined columns which are attached to a base that contains a control panel. Inside the columns, there is diathermic oil which functions as a heat reservoir. Note that the oil doesn’t act as a fuel which means that you don’t need to refill. Since they use an internal fluid to heat a large exterior metal surface, these units do not require a fan to circulate hot air which means that they provide hot air through convection process.

However, they take some time to heat up and they are also bulky. Some oil filled heaters also come with a small inbuilt fan.


  • Ideal for bedrooms and workplaces
  • Energy efficient
  • Quiet performance
  • Safest room heater
  • Smart features such as the auto off , thermostat, etc.


  • Expensive
  • Takes some time to provide warmth

Oil Heater vs Fan Heater vs Radiant Heater – Which one is better?

Radiant, fan and oil filled heaters are all reliable and since they come with different features, you need to be careful when buying.

If you live in a studio apartment or you live alone, a radiant or a fan heater will be the best because they are suitable for small rooms. They are also cheaper and more compact than the oil filled heaters.

Between fan heater and radiant heater, a fan heater may be suitable if you want quick, widespread heating and don’t mind the noise and potential air dryness. On the other hand, if you prefer quiet operation, energy efficiency, and targeted warmth, a radiant heater may be a better option.

On the other hand, oil filled heaters are the best if you are searching for a heater you can use in a large room. Again, they are the best for homes with elderly and allergic people, toddlers or small kids because they are the safest. They do not cause skin burns, suffocation or dryness.

How do you determine the best?

When choosing the best, make sure that the unit is not noisy and does not consume a lot of power. Apart from that, it should be safe and convenient to use. Other features you should check are a thermostat, remote control multiple heat settings and auto shut off function.

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If you have been thinking of buying a room heater, you need to understand how these units work to ensure that you have picked a reliable unit. Radiant, fan and oil filled heaters are among the most common types of room heaters and knowing how they work is an important thing when determining the best.

It is not easy to tell which one is better since people have different preferences but we hope that after reading this guide, you have already made a choice which one will suit your requirement.

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