Exhaust Fan Vs Kitchen Chimney – Which is Better?

A kitchen chimney (Kitchen Hood) and an exhaust fan are the most commonly used appliances for cleaning the air in the kitchen. Even if they are used for the same basic purpose, these two units are very different and making a choice between the two has always been a major challenge to many homeowners.

Since we don’t want you to make the wrong decision when choosing the most suitable appliance for your kitchen, we have compiled a detailed guide on how kitchen chimneys and exhaust fans work.

Kitchen Hood vs Exhaust Fan

Exhaust Fan Vs Kitchen Chimney
Woman cooking food on a Stove with Kitchen Hood

Kitchen Chimney or Kitchen Hood

In terms of performance, a kitchen hood is the best.  A kitchen chimney can be either ductless or ducted.  As compared to an exhaust fan, a ductless chimney performs the functions of 8-exhaust fan while a ducted chimney is equal to 15 exhaust fans.  This means that kitchen chimneys are highly effective in removal of oil particles, grease and smoke from your kitchen. But, they are very expensive.

Just like exhaust fans, some chimneys are able to replace polluted air with clean air. When preparing spicy foods, grease and oil particles may settle on the cabinets, shelves or the wall which gives them an ugly look. A kitchen chimney ensures that smoke, grease and oily particles do not settle on the walls, shelves or your kitchen cabinets which means that your kitchen will always have a nice look.

What are the benefits of kitchen chimneys?

Kitchen Chimney - hood for air purification.
Convenient operation kitchen hood with toggle modes.
  • Design – One of the major benefits of having a kitchen chimney is that it gives your kitchen a modern look. Most of the chimneys on the market come with advanced features such as LED lamps which enhances the look of your kitchen.
  • Easy to use –Once you have installed the chimney, operating it will be very easy since most of them are equipped with automatic features for easier use. For example, some come with auto-sensors, timer, auto clean and other features to enhance convenience.
  • Prevents suffocation– A kitchen chimney helps to remove contaminated air from the kitchen and this prevents suffocation.
  • Keeps your kitchen clean – Another benefit is that it doesn’t allow smoke, oil and grease particles to settle on the walls, tiles, cabinets and shelves.
  • Keeps your kitchen free from smoke and odor – With a kitchen chimney, your kitchen will always be free from smoke and odor even when you are preparing spicy foods.
  • Ideal for any kitchen size – Again, a kitchen chimney can be installed in a small or a large kitchen since they are available in different sizes.

Disadvantages of kitchen chimneys

  • Maintenance – A kitchen chimney is not very easy to maintain which means that you may need to seek the services of a professional when cleaning or replacing the filters.
  • Not easy to repair – In case a kitchen chimney gets damaged, the best thing you can do is to replace it with a new one since these units are not easy to repair.
  • Expensive– In terms of price, a kitchen chimney is very expensive which means that not everyone can afford to buy the appliance. Again, installing a cheaper one is a bad idea since most of them will not last.
  • Cleaning– Cleaning a kitchen chimney is not easy since all the smoke, grease, oil particles and other pollutants are absorbed in the filters. This means that cleaning it will require a lot of work and you may also need to buy different cleaning solutions.

What are the most outstanding features of a chimney?

Unlike the exhaust fans, kitchen chimneys are very advanced which means that they come with unique features, some of these features include’

  • Auto clean technology – Unlike exhaust fans, kitchen chimneys come with this feature which enables the unit to clean itself automatically.
  • LED Lights – You will also find that most kitchen chimneys are equipped with lamps or LED which brightens the room when you are preparing different meals.
  • Oil collector– An oil collector is a removable bowl that helps to collect all the grease and oils that comes from the kitchen. As a result, it makes your work easier when cleaning the chimney.
  • Indicators– Again, kitchen chimneys comes with indicators which shows you the condition of the unit. As a result, you are able to know when it is time to clean it.
  • Keypad– Chimneys comes with a user-friendly keypad or touchpad which makes them easier to operate.

Exhaust Fan

Exhaust fans for forced ventilation
Exhaust fans for forced ventilation for bathroom, kitchen or house rooms

An exhaust fan replaces smoke and polluted air in your kitchen with fresh air from the outside to make your kitchen smokeless and odorless. The amount of air an exhaust fan replaces within a minute is determined in cubic feet per minute[CFM]. However, the rate depends on the size of your kitchen.

What are the benefits of kitchen exhaust fans?

  • Suitable for small spaces– An exhaust fan will be the most suitable option if you live in a rented room or if your kitchen is small. These units have a compact design which also makes them ideal for small bathrooms.
  • Budget Friendly– In terms of price, exhaust fans are cheaper than kitchen chimneys which makes them ideal for those who are on a budget.
  • Improves air quality – Another benefit of these units is that they enhance the overall quality of the air in your kitchen. They also prevent accumulation of smoke, gases and odors in your kitchen

Disadvantages of Exhaust Fans

  • Noisy– Exhaust fan makes a lot of noise but doesn’t move much air which means that they can be very uncomfortable. Again, it is not suitable for large kitchens.
  • Less Effective – Compared to kitchen chimneys, exhaust fans are less efficient in getting rid of oil and heat out of the kitchen.
  • Not easy to clean – Another disadvantage of these units is that they are not easy to clean. This is because you have to remove all the parts before you start cleaning.

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If you have been wondering how kitchen chimneys and exhaust fans work, we hope that now you understand how each of them functions. In terms of performance, kitchen hoods are the best. They also come with unique features such as LED lamps, user-friendly touchpad among other features. However, they are a bit expensive which makes exhaust fans the best for those who are on a budget.

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