Common Mixer Grinder Problems and How to Fix Them

A mixer grinder is one of the most important appliances you cannot afford to miss in your kitchen. It features a motor that rotates the blades when mixing foods in a container. This means that it makes your work easier when stirring, whisking, mixing and also beating.

Just like when you are using other home appliances, you are likely to experience different problems when using this unit which can be very frustrating. In this article, we shall show you how you can easily solve some of the problems in a food processor or a mixer grinder.

 The most common mixer grinder problems are: –

  1. Jar Leakage – This is among the major problems you will experience when using a mixer grinder. There are three reasons that can cause this problem which are.
  2. Cracks – This is the major reason that may lead to jar leakage, and it happens if the jar has a crack. The best thing you can do is to replace the jar with a new one.
  3. Loose blade – It also occurs when there is a loose blade on the jar. To solve this, you should tighten the blade assembly using a screwdriver.
  4. Rubber gasket – The other reason that might cause jar leakage is when the rubber gasket has a problem. You shouldn’t worry so much if the warranty period of the product a has not expired since you can take it back for repair. Otherwise, you should replace the rubber gasket with another one.
    Common Mixer Grinder Faults
  5. Overload problem – When there is an overload, the unit will shut off automatically since most of these appliances are equipped with a circuit breaker switch. It is normally caused by three things which are:
      • Low-capacity motor – These motors are not very powerful and when you operate the mixer for longer durations, they become hot, and it then shuts off automatically to prevent damages. Also try to switch it off for at least 30 minutes before you turn it on.
      • Air circulation – Air circulation helps to keep the unit cool which prevents overheating. Therefore, you should ensure that there is enough space between the lower surface of the unit and the placement area.
      • Thick materials – Another thing that can contribute to this problem is when you are mixing too many ingredients in the jar or when the material is very thick or hard. To prevent this problem, you should avoid grinding too many materials. In case the material is very thick, you can add some water, but you need to be careful to ensure that you don’t spoil your recipe. If the unit is shutting off due to overload, you should reduce the load on the mixer. If the problem persists, you should clean the unit to ensure that there is no blockage which might be caused by accumulation of dirt. In case this still doesn’t solve the problem, you should change the circuit breaker switch.
  6. Blades not rotating – The blades are among the most important parts of a mixer grinder and when they fail to rotate, it means that the unit won’t work. One of the reasons that may cause this is when the blade assembly is clogged with food particles. This means that you will have to clean the blade assembly, but you will need to remove it first for easier cleaning. After cleaning, you should ensure that you have assembled the blades correctly.
  7. Blunt blades – After using the unit for some time, the blades will definitely lose their sharpness. The easiest way to sharpen them is by using a rock salt. You only need to pour some rock salt in a jar and spin the unit for some few minutes. When doing this, you should ensure that the lid is closed tightly to prevent injuries. Instead of using rock salt, you can also use rods or sharpening stones to sharpen the blades.

    Mixer Grinder
    Young woman choosing kitchen mixer blender in home appliance shopping mall
  8. Broken coupler – Couplers connects the base of the unit to the jar, and they are prone to wear and tear. They are also likely to break when they are poorly built or due to overload. Again, blending vegetables or frozen fruits at high speeds may also cause them to break. Unlike other parts of a mixer grinder, couplers cannot be repaired which means that they can only be replaced with new ones. Look for a professional to repair it for you.
  9. Jar getting jammed – This is another common problem where the jar gets stuck on the unit. This normally happens in case the bearings on the jar are damaged or corroded. If there is a leakage from the blades, the liquids or food being mixed can seep below the blades which may cause corrosion. To solve this, you should turn the jar upside down and then put some oil around the motor coupler. Allow it to remain for some few minutes and then use pliers to twist the motor coupler. After you have fixed this, you should run the mixer when it is empty for a minute. Repeat this using a small cup of water. Lastly, you should use a soft cloth to wipe the jar.
  10. Faulty wiring – Faulty wiring may cause the unit to shut off automatically. This happens due to poor build quality or when you have used the unit for a long time. To solve this, open the mixer and then check if all the wires are in good condition. In case they are not, you should change the wiring. In most cases, the problem is normally around the wiring of the motor. It is good to consult a technician if you are not sure about how it is done.

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Final Words

Having a grinder mixer in your home is a great but that is not enough because you also need to know how solve various problems when they occur. Just like other appliances, even the best mixer grinders also break down due to various things.

This can be very frustrating because it is the most commonly used appliance. If you don’t know how to solve some of these problems, it means that you are likely to spend a lot of time in your kitchen doing some of the tasks manually.  However, we hope that with this guide, you are now equipped with all information you may need when solved different mixer grinder problems.

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