Common Gas Stove Problems & Solutions

A gas stove is one of the most popular cooking appliances on the market. The good thing about gas stoves is that they are easy to use and are more affordable than the advanced cooking appliances. How ever, you are likely to experience various problems when using these units which means that you need to be prepared on how to solve the issues once they happen.

In this guide, we shall take you though some of the major gas stove problems you are likely to encounter and how to solve them.

Gas Stove Problems & Solutions

1. Weak burner flame


Gas Stove Problems & Solutions

In case the burner flame appears to be less than the expected, there could be a clogged burner flame opening. This may also happen when the gas is too little or when there is too little air that is getting to the burner. To solve this, you should adjust the air shutter and see if the problem is due to insufficient air. In case there is still a problem, you should try to clean the stovetop to ensure that it is free from debris.

When cleaning, you should start by turning off the stove. After this, remove the burner caps and the grates and then soak them in a sink with water and soap. Scrub the surfaces using a stiff brush to remove dirt, food remains and other debris that might be blocking the gas valves. You can also use vinegar and baking soda when cleaning.

2. Gas Odor

When you can smell gas and the pilot flame is not burning, it means that the room is not well ventilated. Open the windows and the light the pilot flame. In case you can still smell the gas when the pilot flame is on or when you have plugged in the electric igniter, you need to check all the burners to ensure that they are off.

If all the burners are off, you should disconnect the gas supply to the stove and then ventilate the room. Leaking gas is very dangerous and you should seek professional assistance in case the problem is still there.

3. Surface burner failure

Surface burner failing to light is a very common problem and when it happens, you have to relight it. This normally happens when the potholes are clogged or when the pilot lights have been extinguished. In case your gas stove has an electric igniter, you should ensure that the stove is plugged in but if it is already connected, you should check whether the circuit breaker has been tripped.

The problem can also result if the flame sensor is not working. Most modern gas stoves are equipped with a flame sensor which regulates the gas flow to the burner. It detects the flame once the pilot light ignites the burner. If it is not working, it won’t be able to detect the flame which means than it will not open the gas line.

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4. Noisy burner flame

A noisy flame means that there is either too much gas or too much air that is getting to the burner. You should adjust the air shutter to confirm if there is a problem with the air. If that doesn’t still solve the problem, you may need to contact a technician to help you determine the amount of gas that is being released.

5. Gas stove failure after power outage

Gas StoveIf the gas stove fails to light after a power outage chance are the outage caused the fuse to blow. This means that the stove won’t receive any electricity to fuel the igniter. When lighting the burner, the igniter should create a blue spark. You should try to observe the igniter as you light the stove. If it exhibits a weak or yellow spark, it means that it is damaged and needs to be replaced. However, if your stove is not responding to commands, the control panel might be damaged which means that you will need to replace it.

6. Pilot lights going out

When the flame of the burner keeps going out, you need to check the opening of the pilot lighting but if it does not work, you should try to adjust the pilot light flame.

7. Gas stove clicking

If you have been using a gas stove, a clicking sound is a very common sound especially when you turn the knob on the burner. This sound occurs when the electric igniter is lighting the burner. However, it should stop immediately after the flame is on. In case it goes on even after you have lit the burner, it means that there is a problem.  Below are some of the things you should do to stop the clicking sound.

Dry the burner

When there is excess moisture, the gas stove is likely to produce a clicking sound. This normally happens due to grease spills or after you have cleaned the cook top. Therefore, you should remove the burner cap and then allow it to air out. You can also turn off all the burners and then use a dry towel to wipe the top of the range.

Realign the burner

Another reason that may cause the burner to produce a clicking sound is when the burner cap is not aligned properly. Allow the cooktop to cool completely and then remove the burner grate. This will allow you to access the cap below it. Try to remove the cap and then re-center it on the base. After you are done, you can now re-light the burner.

Food debris

Debris or burned-on food can also obstruct the igniter and the control knobs. To remove them, you will need a paperclip or a metal pin. When doing this, avoid using a toothpick because it can break off and get clogged inside which might cause even more serious problems.

Perform a repair

In case the clicking sound persists after trying all the above methods, you can try to do some repairs. You may need to replace the igniter, spark module or the spark ignition switch. You can order the parts from the manufacturer.

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Final Words

Knowing how to solve various gas stove problems will always give you a piece of mind when you are in the kitchen. This is because you are sure that in case of a problem, you can easily handle it even without the help of a technician. It is my hope that you have learnt something from the article. Always use those tips we have shared but if the problem persists, don’t hesitate to call a technician.

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