Cassette Air Conditioner Vs Split System

Finding the right air conditioner for your family or office is not an easy endeavor. When choosing the best air conditioner, people usually limit their options to just window AC, or ductless split system. This is due to their simplicity and low cost of purchase and installation.

Most consumers don’t even think of getting a ducting system or a cassette AC. But this is changing now. Today, many homeowners are starting to prefer cassettes air conditioner over split systems.

Does it mean that you should also buy a cassette air conditioner instead of a window or split AC? To answer this question, we first need to understand what a cassette air conditioner is and its pros and cons.

Cassette Air Conditioner vs Split System


What is a Ceiling Cassette AC?

Cassette Air ConditionerAs the name suggests, ceiling cassette units are mounted in the ceiling and distribute conditioned air through two, three or four sides of the unit. The outdoor unit of a cassette air conditioner is mounted outside, in the same way as it would be for a conventional split air conditioner unit.

A false/faux ceiling is usually installed around the inside unit, to keep it from being visible to the public. It is much more aesthetic, and efficient than other types of air conditioners and doesn’t waste unnecessary space.

Advantages of a Ceiling Cassette System

Saves Space:  Because Cassette AC is mounted on the ceiling, it doesn’t take up space on the wall or windows. It is especially useful for showrooms, who need to display their products on the walls. In living rooms, walls can be used for better purpose like hanging paintings or decorative lights etc.

Elegant Looks: The 2 feet by 2 feet cassette AC looks quite elegant. The only part you’ll see of the cassette air conditioner is the thin fascia panel. No other part is visible and this adds to aesthetics of the room/office.

Easy to Maintain: A ceiling cassette AC system is easy to maintain and you can clean it yourself on regular basis. You should also check and clean the air filters at least once a month.

Quiet performance: The cassette AC does its work quietly, much more quietly than conventional units. As its condenser is mounted outside the building, you likely won’t hear any noise. Many people won’t realize that you have an AC in the room unless they look up at the ceiling.

Cool Quickly & Covers a Wide Area: Ceiling cassettes are typically more powerful than wall-mounted units. Because the cassette AC is mounted on the ceiling, and hot air ascends upward and cool air descends downwards, it is able to cool the room much more efficiently. To add to this, the Four-way airflow not only cools a wide space, but it ensures every area of the room maintains your desired temperature.

Dis-advantages of a Ceiling Cassette System

Expensive Unit: A cassette air conditioners usually cost almost twice the money you would otherwise pay for a split AC of same capacity. In smaller rooms and residential homes, a split AC might be more cost-efficient than the ceiling-mounted air conditioner.

Difficult and Expensive Installation: Installation of a cassette AC is not easy, a  lot of piping, hole drilling, and faux ceiling work is required, which adds to the total expense of purchasing a cassette AC.

Difficult to Repair: While regular cleaning of a cassette is easy, the repairing the power cables, refrigerant pipes and water discharge lines can be challenging and expensive due to limited accessibility.

If you think cassette AC is not for you, Then consider purchasing a window AC or a split air conditioner.


The powerful cooling of a cassette unit, along with its central placement in the ceiling, makes it highly suitable for large halls or living rooms where the wall mounted split air conditioners won’t be as effective.

However for smaller or medium size rooms, purchasing a window or a split system would make sense as it would be sufficient to blow air to every corner of that room.

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We hope this information helped you decide which AC type works better for your needs! If you think a ceiling cassette is the right AC choice for your you, talk to an air conditioning specialist today. He or she can offer more information and can install your air conditioner whenever you’re ready.

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  1. Henry Killingsworth

    You made an interesting point when you explained that a cassette air conditioning system doesn’t take up space because it is placed on the ceiling. It seems like it would be a good idea to use a cassette system if you run a daycare business. You would want the air conditioning system to be on the ceiling so that children can’t play with it and mess it up.

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