10 Gift Ideas For Women – For Every Occasion

To give someone a present could be problematic at times. The reason behind it is that most people are torn between the choice of the person who they want to gift something and the choice of their own. They want to give her something that she would like but it is they who actually decide what she would like. That’s the funny part of it.

They need to know that it requires an instinct and a little bit of practical considerations to remove the possibility of ending up giving her something that she neither likes nor requires. Here are some wonderful gift ideas that would go a long way toward solving this problem for you.



When you are not sure about what you should give to a lady, the easiest way out is to settle down on watches. This trend is not going to fade away so easily in this age of mobile devices all of which unfailingly show time. One good reason is that there are brands that are offering such beautiful and precious watches, that they serve as ornaments. Having said that, it must be added that it is certainly not a rule that beautiful and good things are costly.

But this is not the only reason why you present watches to your dear one. The watches are now performing the functions that redefine their use. This is very interesting. They do not show time only. They are smarter than that to know enough that there are other things as well that lend value and meaning to time. To put it plainly, they primly serve as

  • Smartphones that support SIM up to 4G. This makes them remarkable communication gadgets that can perform this task in all the ways that our mobile devices are enabled for.
  • They support Bluetooth with which you may connect them to your smartphones
  • The same Bluetooth also allows for entertainment options
  • They even track physical activity and workout !
  • Image viewer
  • Alarm clock
  • Music player
  • Calendar
  • Camera

Many watches feature touch screen to make them absolutely user-friendly.

Hand Bags & Sling Bags

There is something absolutely feminine about hand bags. As you must have observed even lisping babies while imitating their mothers, either carry a doll or a purse in their hands. And their love for hand bags only grows with their age. Perhaps because these contain all that symbolize their femininity.

Therefore, it is good you give it as a gift to your girl friend or relative. The thing is that you need to know which color she already carries with her on formal and casual occasions. It would help you give her a different color. She will carry it with her when she wears the same color. And if she is not already having cloths of the same color, know for sure that she would have them now.

As for the types of hand bags, you have a broad choice at your disposal. The kinds available in the market include

  • Shoulder bag
  • Satchel
  • Hobo
  • Tote
  • Cross body bag
  • Sling bag
  • Clutches
  • Minaudiere &
  • Wristlets

Within these categories, the hand bags may show remarkable variety, making the task of choosing a gift easier for you.

Soft Toys


These are the things that you should consider for women who are either expecting their first child or who you want to convey your tender feeling to.

Tenderness…innocence…love…these are the ideas they generally convey when you look at them. When you see them, they awaken the child in you. By gifting them to your loved one, you intend to evoke the same feeling in her. These toys would cherish the sense of nearness in both the persons to whom they are given and the giver. These wouldn’t fail to strike the right chord with her. Try it…

Especially, the teddy bears, pandas, ducks, Mickey mouse and stuffed dolls make simple choice beautiful. Who wouldn’t like them? And who wouldn’t hug them that they like so much? The joy of youth is irrepressible. Neither is it a good idea to try to stifle it. All who have it, have it only once.



Please don’t startle to read the word ‘jewelry’. It is not necessary that it should make your pocket light. Without costing you an arm or a leg it may deck the object of your love with luster and color.

Nowadays designer jewelry is running parallel to the traditional, which used to be associated with status symbol. Now efforts are made to underline beauty with new designs, pearl and stone colors, etc in order to make style statement through modern – or rather postmodern – aesthetics.

As it is, the definition of beauty has considerably changed in the present time when compared to what prevailed in the past. In past people used to consider weight of gold and silver, now people want things to be showy. We are living in a time that believes in putting up great appearance.

Nobody would care whether an ornament is pure gold or not; but all eyes would glue to the looks of the ornaments flaunted by a wearer in a style that expresses her. Nobody would care whether ornaments are made of pure diamonds or American.

You find such an amazing array of jewelry of precious stones like onyx, ruby, emerald, quartz, etc on the shelves of the jewelry showrooms and online galleries, that you would forget pure diamond. Also, you have both the minimalistic and richly lavish designs to choose from.

Lip Gloss Set


Lippy countenance is one of the standards of feminine beauty. Delicate and nuanced twitches of lips can change the overall facial contours so radically that there have been certain models and heroines who are fixed forever in the minds of the people. Marilyn Munroe, Madhubala, Monica Belucci, Priyanka Chopra, Jessica Alba, etc are some of the names that naturally come to the mind.

As it is, though lipsticks are still widely used by ladies, lip gloss has come to be preferred more by those who want the color of their lips to look more natural or more trendy and glamorous. It certainly makes sense. But, here, looks alone does not matter. Lip gloss is better than a lipstick because it takes care of the lips by nourishing them with ingredients like jojoba oil, pearl particles, etc to keep them properly moisturized.

Bluetooth Ear Buds

Sony Earbuds
Sony Earbuds

Nowadays people have increasingly fallen into the habit of doing things on the go – getting entertainment included. Wherever you turn, you see people listening to music while travelling or driving or doing their work. Girls are no exception to that.

It is for such as these that Bluetooth ear buds could prove a great boon. This is because these can be easily connected with other Bluetooth devices like mobiles to facilitate listening to music of their choice. You cannot give anything better than this to a music lover.

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Desktop Garden


If the lady you want to gift something is a business/professional woman from top to her toe, then know for sure that she is a hard-headed person who you cannot please with a purse or a make-up box or a wrist watch. Rather you need to be a little bit creative to express your sense of honor toward her. One real good idea is gifting a desk garden item that would provide her an escape from her busy routine into nature without having to leave the desk.

Art Works

These are meant for someone who keeps high aesthetic sense and is deeply interested in arts. For them a piece of wall hanging or an original painting or a fine specimen of wood carving or sculpture or anything like that would be deemed to reflect both high aesthetic sense in you and appreciation of the same in the object of your love.

Kitchen Appliances

Coldpress Juicer

If you intend to gift any of these items, see to it that you choose something that has nothing to do with everyday use. Hardly anyone is expected to lack things like pop-up toaster, mixer grinder, and things like that. But not all would have an air fryer, or cold press juicer, or stand mixers, and things like that. So, choose such items with discretion.

Netflix or a Similar Membership

If your girl enjoys streaming content and watch online series and movies, a Netflix membership could be a thoughtful and enjoyable gift. Netflix offers a wide range of content to choose from, including popular series, original programming, and a diverse selection of movies.


These ideas are intended to help you express yourself through your gift to the person you want to give it to. These are proven and therefore you won’t find yourself mistaken if you try them. You will surely be able to win the affections of the one who receives it.

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